Our Model

By harnessing our extensive experience, we strive to foster a sustainable food system and prosperity in Africa.

Service Delivery


Agricultural Input Financing.

We offer best quality, cost effective and highly accessible farm inputs, providing small holder farmers with low-cost farm inputs including seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides.


Social Development and Training.

We offer simple structured training to small holder farmers focusing more on our Training hub initiatives for women and youth empowerment. Our training focus on both agricultural modern know-how and social matters like leadership, financial literacy, nutrition, and health.


Harvest and Warehousing Solutions.

We offer harvest support and storage services to smallholder farmers and help in preventing post-harvest losses, providing an avenue for farmers to bank with our grain bank initiative.

Commodity Trading/Investment.

We offer opportunities for private investors to trade and invest in commodities with our alternative investment opportunities providing investors with good returns.

Training Hub Initiative (Greenhouse Technology/Irrigation Farming).

We offer training on greenhouse farming and irrigation farming, while providing irrigation support to small holder farmers around our training hub to improve access to food all year round.

Training Inititiative